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TRQL Radio Player

We recommend using Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge to be able to benefit from the latest developments of the technology. We are grieved to say that Firefox won't do because they kinda don't support the type of media we use for streaming. We hope that this will only be temporary because we really love Firefox.

In a context of a mobile device (tablet, phone, …), we recommend Opera that proposes the smoothest user experience.

On a desktop PC, we recommend Chrome.

Add TRQL Rdaio to Sonos

Select the Sonos App for PC or Mac. Double-click it to launch it!

The Sonos App icon on Windows

The Sonos App is launched

Go to the Manage menu, Add Radio Station... as illistrated

Enter the streaming URL (http://stream.trql.fm:8080) and Radio station name as illustrated. You're done!

To check if everything is OK, head to the Music Source Panel, under Radio by TuneIn option

Go to the "My Radio Stations" tab

... and check that TRQL Radio is listed in the list of radio stations

For further information, please head to the Sonos support page that explains how to add an Internet radio station to Sonos

Streaming Programs

We recommend using AIMP.

AIMP PC – Windows 10

Install AIMP by following the instructions. Once install, start the program which should open to a screen similar to this:

Go to Menu, Playlists

Click the + button and …

…enter the URL of TRQL Radio

Once done, TRQL Radio is now added to the list of Internet Radios. Click the Play button.

… and according to the sound wave, TRQL Radio is indeed playing


Our site is currently under construction … and from now until end of Februray 2019, we will make constant modifications. The page you are looking for, or you're currently on, can very well be updated in the next hour, or the next minute! Stay tuned!

A bit more …

This site was conceived and developed by TRQL Labs!

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